Frazier is Optimistic About Return of CB Cedric Griffin

By Andrew Fisher

After the end last season, it seemed there was no way that Cedric Griffin would be a part of the secondary for the Vikings in 2012. Well only two months into the off-season, it appears that may not be the case after all. During a combine press conference, Vikings coach Leslie Frazier made a few comments on Griffin, that were a bit surprising, considering he was benched in late 2011.

“He was coming off a major knee surgery a year ago, and sometimes guys need a year under their belt before they can really get back to (production) they had before,” Frazier said. “It remains to be seen if he’s one of those guys.”

“I think he’s in the right frame of mind,” Frazier said. “We’ve just got to get him to where he’s 100 percent healthy and confident about the things he’s capable of doing.”

The Pioneer Press is reporting that if the Vikings do try to retain Griffin, that they will try to restructure his current 5 year deal worth $28.5 Million. Along with a restructured deal, there are also rumors of a position change to Safety.

It’s tough to be excited about a Griffin return. He’s going to be 30 this year and has already had two major ACL surgeries. I do like the idea of moving him to Safety, but at this point in time, the money just isn’t right. Without a new deal getting done, Griffin could still find himself on the way out the door in Minnesota.

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