The St. Louis Rams Will Trade The 2nd Overall Pick In The NFL Draft

By Anthony Blake

Although it may seem like a poor negotiating tactic, the St. Louis Rams have announced that they fully intend to deal the second overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft this coming April. That announcement comes on the heels of Robert Griffin III’s impressive workout at the NFL Scouting Combine that all but solidified him as the second player off the board behind Stanford’s Andrew Luck.

Word is that several teams have already begun preliminary talks with the Rams about acquiring the pick with three of those lying later in the top eight selections. The Cleveland Browns at four, the Washington Redskins at six, and the Miami Dolphins at eight are all believed to be interested and the Browns have to be considered the frontrunners at this point.

With two first round picks this year, the Rams could slide down just two spots from their current position and gain another first rounder in the process. Most believe that the deal the team will be seeking is along the lines of the one that the San Diego Chargers sought from the New York Giants in 2004 when the Eli Manning/Philip Rivers fiasco went down. That deal led to three former Pro Bowl players in San Diego and the Rams should expect nothing less in their swap meet.

If the Rams were to be compensated in a similar way as the Chargers back in 2004, the team would likely land any combination of the Browns fourth and 22nd overall picks in round one along with a third rounder or perhaps a first and third rounder this year from either Washington or Miami in addition to that team’s first round selection in 2013. Regardless of which team ultimately prevails in the RG3 sweepstakes, the Rams are set to be the true beneficiaries of this bidding war. This trade could be the deal that resurrects their franchise for years to come.

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