ESPN Hires Ex-Indianapolis Colts Vice Chairman as Analyst; Watch Out Colts

By Christopher B. Batchelder

When you have an employee that has worked for you for 14 years they pretty much know everything to do with that company.

When Jim Irsay fired Bill Polian he fired a good man, and a man that created the Indianapolis Colts into the team they are today. He was the brains behind the operation and now Polian works for ESPN.

Polian has made a few comments already about the Colts off season moves and what they should do with Reggie Wayne, Peyton Manning, and April’s draft. This is great incite for the fans to hear, its like the Colts fans get an inside look of how they do things. However, it’s another story now. Bill Polian is not a member of the Colts front office, nor does he even have an idea what they are thinking.

The situation with Polian and the Colts is like a disgruntled employee who was fired and doesn’t know how to let it go. Polian always has something to say about the Colts and I have yet to hear anything good about them, from him.

He needs to know his role in this situation, and understand that the Colts are in good hands, maybe even better. It is important to be civil with your past employers because you never know when you will need them again.

Bill Polian has been in charge of three organizations in his time in the NFL, equalling up to 24 years. Polian’s teams made the playoffs 17 times, reached eight championship games, and played in five Super Bowls.

As far as an ESPN analyst, it would be nice to hear a different point of view, one of a front office versus the player/coach mindset that they have right now. Bill Polian just has to be careful and realize that he is in the eye of the public and to be positive when it comes to the Colts and their decisions.

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