Jerry Jones: Dallas Cowboys Won't Trade Up to Draft Robert Griffin III

By Jeric Griffin

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones is often the life of the party at events like the NFL Combine. At a time when somebody other than Robert Griffin III was running the 40-yard dash, a reporter in Indianapolis asked Jones if he would consider trading Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo for the No. 2 overall pick in the NFL Draft to take Griffin.

“No, I would not,” Jerry Jones said. “Can you imagine trading out of a hell of a player right now so that you can get two to three outstanding draft picks so you can be in this draft?”

In a shocking turn of events, Jones hit the nail on the head for the second time this week! Please excuse my on-air personality (and no pun intended on that last one). It’s just that Jones usually doesn’t answer questions wisely and often uses his confusing language commonly known as Jerry Speak. After saying the Cowboys are in a mindset of fixing problems in an effort to win “now”, Jones followed that up by wisely saying the Cowboys won’t give up what it would take to draft Griffin.

This comes just days after Jones’ son, Cowboys executive vice president Stephen Jones, said Griffin is “out of the question” for the Cowboys. He mentioned the fact Dallas would have to give up way too much to move from the No. 14 to the No. 2 overall pick to take a player like Griffin.

With the Cowboys’ plan on trying to assemble a team to win “now”, trading away valuable pieces to draft a player like Griffin makes no sense whatsoever. First, Dallas would have to give up Tony Romo, which many Cowboys fans might like, but it wouldn’t be a smart move. Even if Griffin becomes a better NFL quarterback than Romo, he still has to become that player; he won’t be a Super Bowl-caliber passer overnight.

Even more so, the Cowboys would have to give up valuable draft picks that could be used on guards, defensive ends and cornerbacks. Those are the areas Dallas needs to improve on to win right now. For Jerry Jones to recognize that after his Cam Newton episode this time last year is beyond refreshing for the Dallas faithful. Regardless if you’re a Romo fan or not, you understand this is the smart thing for the Cowboys to do.

Of course, all this speculation was made possible by the St. Louis Rams’ announcement on Monday they intend to trade the No. 2 overall pick to a quarterback-needy team like the Washington Redskins. It would be unwise for the Cowboys to draft a quarterback in the first round, regardless of the pick. Doing that would kill Dallas’ effort to win a Super Bowl with its core group of players who just need some help at cornerback and defensive end to have a realistic chance. Cowboys Nation should rejoice after hearing Jerry Jones recognizes that.

“We are firmly in the corner that that’s not our issue,” Stephen Jones said. “If you’re a Cowboy fan, if you’re somebody who wants the Cowboys to do well, that ought to be what you’re happiest about because if we didn’t have a quarterback we would have a real problem.”

Amen, Little Jones. Amen.

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