The Washington Redskins O-Line and RG3: Can This Work?

By Ricky Allen

Washington Redskins Quarterback Rex Grossman has been sacked 34 times in two years. John Beck played four games and was  sacked 16 times. Jason Campbell was sacked 43 times in 2009. Donovan McNabb? 37 times.

Making a play for a star quarterback in the draft is all good, but are the Washington Redskins focusing their attention in the right areas for improvement? I believe so.   Yes, we all know it, the world knows it : The Redskins need a new quarterback. I think I’ve preached that sermon for months now. They’re working to fix that by trying to grab Robert Griffin III.

CBS Sports reported earlier this week that, “Dan Snyder’s team is willing to part with two No. 1 picks “plus other selections in the middle to early rounds” in exchange for the rights to RG3.” (Full Story can be found here)

Going by the numbers you just read it’s obvious that whatever quarterback steps into the pocket, he’s on his own.

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Look, I know that there are certain aspects of the team that everyone wants to point their finger at when it comes to the 5-11 season. I get it. I get emails saying, “Dude, don’t just convict Rex Grossman about this. It’s the whole team’s fault”.

I get that too. However, we all look at one area of the field when the play develops-The quarterback, and the offensive line.

This is where it all begins.  An RG3 pickup means the Redskins’ offensive line needs to be on point.  RG3 will not be the quarterback we expect him to be if he’s getting crushed every down.

And with this year being the 20th anniversary of the last time the Redskins were at a Super Bowl, Mike Shanahan needs to ensure there’s “depth” (a Mike Shanahan word) in that line and “playmakers” (another Mike Shanahan word).

Redskins Nation, I have said nothing that’s out of the ordinary.  This isn’t smoke and mirrors.  This is an issue that we’ve watched and complained about just as we do about the quarterback situation.  I would hate to watch RG3 get injured and say, “Wow, there’s always next season” as I hurl corn chips and dip at my wide-screen TV.

I think we’ve said that enough.

Redskins great Mark Rypien was quoted by the Washington Post’s Dan Steinberg in 2009 on the topic of  having a good offensive line.  He said, “Ninety-nine percent of quarterbacks out there will tell you, you’re only as good as the guys up front…Y.A. Tittle, Sammy Baugh, Sonny Jurgensen, Billy Kilmer, Doug Williams, Joe Theismann, myself, anyone’s that’s put on a Redskins uniform is not gonna be very good if your line’s struggling.” (Read the full quote here)

And while I, like many media outlets have said it’s time for Rex to go, it won’t help if we can’t protect a great prospect like RG3.

Get the right quarterback, and then ensure he has healthy offensive line that can survive the season.  For all the work the Redskins are ready to do to get RG3, that’s the least they can do to protect the investment.



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