Source: Peyton Manning Era Over as an Indianapolis Colt

A source close to the Indianapolis Colts at the NFL Combine has reported that the Peyton Manning era has officially ended.

If you would have told any football fan that Peyton Manning’s career would not end in Indianapolis, they would have thought you were crazy.

Well, for the first time in 13 years Peyton Manning will not be a member of the Colts this fall. This opens the doors up for Andrew Luck or RG3.

Let the bidding begin for the future Hall of Famer.

Whichever team gets him will be getting a guy with plenty of ability left and hopefully a package deal with him and wide receiver Reggie Wayne.

Now you can add Manning to the list of players who left their original team before they were ready, including Brett Favre and Joe Montana.

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  • LockerFace

    That article was from January 28th. I think he is gone too, but your info is old and bad

    • Christopher Batchelder

      I made a mistake and put the wrong link on there, I am sorry. I have fixed that and I hope you can understand. I also hope you enjoyed the article and will look back here for more thoughts on Colts news. With this news, who do you think the Colts will draft now?

  • Larry Strait

    I am not pro or con on the Colts, but I am extremely against the Treatment Of Peyton Manning. If you define this man, he is first class always. I am a Packer Fan, and I cannot use the term class with regard to Brett Farve.
    Peyton Manning has created so much for the Colts, Indianapolis , Indiana, and NFL. I am certain that Colts ownership has made millions on the fact the Manning played there. For Peyton, the biggest risk and concern is if he decides to play, needs to be certain, there is not a risk to him. But if he chooses to play, I just can’t believe the Colts are turning their backs

  • Buddy

    Chris Batchelder era is officially over as a sports writer. What a piss poor article just for sensationalism.

    • Christopher Batchelder

      I am sorry you feel that way, and your comments were off based and wrong.

      Do you think Manning is done as a Colt? Who do you think they will draft in his place?

    • gilgerard

      Chris Batchelder broke the story. And he was right. I think he”ll be staying at Rant for awhile. Unless the editors decide he won’t be.

  • barrie

    Wow, everyone wants to say criticize about this article. Where is everyone else’s blog? It is sad that Manning is gone, but as a Colts fan I am excited for the future.

    Where is Manning playing next year? My quess is in Seattle.

  • Hoosier

    Everyone keeps talking about how much Manning has done for the Colkts…what about what they have done for him? They built a team for his style of play, and let him essentially run it for his career. Yes he is talented, but not many coaching staffs would give that much freedom to a single player – even as good as Manning is. Also, how much money did Manning make last year doing rehab? And now he is demanding $28 million on the outside chance that he might be able to play?

    No…as a Hoosier…I look at it as Manning is out for teh money. If he truly wanted to be a Colt, he would understand the situation, restructure his contract with plenty of incentives – in other words, if he can perform and play as well as he has his whole career – I am all for giving him his money…but if not…it simply shows it is all about the money for him…

    • ColtFan

      Hoosier, you are an embarrassment to the name. Any coaching staff would have done just as the Colts did if they had had a QB “as good as Manning”. But NONE of them Had, or Have, and may Never Have a QB as good as Peyton Manning.
      Nor have any had Any P layer who has given back any more to his team, his city, his state than Peyton has.
      And since football is all business, I do not understand why Peyton would want to be a Colt when there are much better teams out there that whould give him a much better chance of winning a Super Bowl. But Peyton did want to stay in Indy, but Irsay slammed that door in his face the minute the Colts got the #1 draft pick. Irsay needs All the money to help build his New Era Horseshoe. That is why Irsay has acted in such an Unbusiness manner during this while time, it is why he has continued to treat Peyton in such insulting, disrespectful, and shameless fashion.

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  • titansfan13

    Um yeah Favre was originally a Falcon. You also mention “plenty ability left,” have you seen him lately, his arm strength is down in the shitter and can’t throw any deep balls. Not to mention that he is 35 with a neck that is possibly one shot away from ending his career. Please do your research for your next article.

  • Steve Willis

    This isnt exactly aimed at you but why dont every sports writer/blogger that is covering the NFL and Peyton Manning stop with the nonsense til it actually happens? That is if it does happen. Then you may write whatever you shall like

    • gilgerard

      Because when a legit source tells you something this big. You write about it- just like everyone else does.

      Seeing as we were right- says quite a bit about the naysayers.

  • Andrew

    Uhhh, well, considering this is yet another article written with no source or viable information, I believe that this “analyst” or “sports writer” needs to keep their mouth shut like everyone else. Until the Colts release an OFFICIAL statement, stop the speculating and the false articles until you have some facts. When you title an article “Peyton Manning Released”, you better damn well have some good sources, not just spewing more crap like every other analyst who has been talking about this nonstop.

    • gilgerard

      Yeah. RS broke the story first several days ago. Weird how that “fake source” was right.

      Take that.

  • Mike

    This is crap and so are you!!! You should write for National Enquirer….You and the editor are jerks for printing this before it happens…and what if it DOESNT happen??? I am glad I never found this site until now and I wont in the future..Its media people like you that gives the rest a BLACK eye….

    • Mike likes boys

      Mike is going to jump off the roof of his trailer park home when this report is true. Mike also needs to learn that journalists don’t have to make their sources public. I really doubt the editors of rant sports would allow an article as big as this out without doing their homework. Although, the grammar could be better…

      I LOVE this site. MUCH better than the crap that is bleacher report. I only have 2 things to say. Can we PLEASE see more of Lauren? Shes the only thing that makes auto roll acceptable in this case.

      Keep on rockin!

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