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Rant Sports NFL Mock Draft on it’s Way

NFL fans!  If you’ve enjoyed my writing, and the writing of our other NFL writers, get ready for more.

This past week, and as the next few go on, our staff of NFL writers has been working hard to put together a top-notch mock draft for the first round of the NFL draft coming in April.

The draft has been run just like any normal draft would, with the head writer for each team making the selection.   Each writer is given 24 hours once they are on the clock to write 400 words on their selection. And can only pick players who are still left on the board.

As the draft concludes in the next few weeks (I’ve already made my selection, come back to check it out), the whole thing will come out as a collaborative slide-show project and will be a top-level production!  Make sure to check it out!