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St. Louis Rams Reject Edward Jones Dome Overhaul Plans

While much of the news surrounding the St. Louis Rams of late has pertained to the team’s wheeling and potential dealing of their second overall draft choice, the players eventually selected by the team will need a place to play football in the coming years. Having those events take place in the city of St. Louis has been placed further in doubt by news that the Rams organization has officially rejected the proposal of the Convention and Visitors Commission (CVC) to upgrade the Edward Jones Dome.

The plan set forth by the CVC included a number of impressive improvements to the old building including a new scoreboard, some new club seats, and plenty of other amenities. Unfortunately from the organization’s perspective, it also called for the Rams to pay for 52 percent of those proposed upgrades.

May 1 is the deadline for the Rams to submit a revised pitch of their own after rejecting the one laid out by the CVC from February 1. If the two sides fail to reach an agreement on the renovation of the old building by June 15, the case will move into arbitration.

The arrangement proposed on February 1 first called for $124 million in upgrades in hopes of keeping the Rams in the city. The current lease for the building can be broken following the 2014 season is the dome is not considered to be a “top-tier” stadium.

There were no specific criticisms from the Rams of the CVC proposal according to the organization’s statement, but when asked about the counterproposal to come, the CVC said: “We look forward to receiving it.” There’s no doubt that the offer back will not call for $64 million of the cost to be absorbed by the Rams.

This situation only seems to get messier with the NFL vowing to return to Los Angeles sooner rather than later. Given Rams’ owner Stan Kroenke’s connections to the LA market, perhaps the time is right for the team to relocate.