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Buccaneers add Josh McDaniels brother Ben to coaching staff

Ben McDaniels has been hired by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as an “Offensive Assistant” but is likely to be the quarterbacks coach. McDaniels doesn’t instill much confidence in the position but the jury is still out on what he can do for Josh Freeman. McDaniels was brought to the professional ranks by his brother Josh McDaniels in 2010 with the Broncos and had the task of preparing Tim Tebow for a starting position. Tebow referred to the then 30 year old McDaniels as “very passionate” about the job. He did also coach Kyle Orton during what turned out to be a career season for the journeyman quarterback. The focus was no doubt more on Orton than Tebow at the time so we can only evaluate fairly on Orton’s production which as stated was very good. However, other than that one season there isn’t much to go on. Previous to following his brother to Denver, McDaniels was a high school coach and has only that one year of true NFL experience. While it is not the best confidence builder, McDaniels seems to understand the role of a coach and has the right mind set.

Ben McDaniels played quarterback at Kent State but realized he did not have the physical tools to make it in the NFL. He quickly turned to coaching and started to pay his dues with a high school in Ohio. The call from his brother offering him a job jumped him to the ranks of professional coach. What scares me most about McDaniels is he has never stayed in one place too long. Outside of the two official years under his brother, he has only stayed with a school for one season and seems to be focused on the next big gig. If he is able to help Freeman out that will be great, but how long until he follows his brother to the Patriots? Overall, this seems like a warm body hire. Greg Schiano has picked all he can from Rutgers and needed to fill the quarterbacks coaching vacancy with someone. Make no mistake, Mike Sullivan will be very hands on with Josh Freeman and acclimating him to the new system. That is what matters most. Expect McDaniels to pay his dues but focus on the Buccaneers reserve quarterbacks more so than Josh Freeman.