Eli Manning and Victor Cruz Among NFL's Top Jersey Sales

By Jeff Shull

It appears that the dominance of Eli Manning and Victor Cruz in the 2011 season have had an effect on jersey sales.

The Giants’ super stars ranked third and sixth, respectively, in terms of NFL Jersey sales in 2011.

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Eli had without a doubt the best year of his career, with 4,933 yards, 29 touchdowns, and a 92.9 QB rating. What most likely drove his jersey sales was the deep playoff run and the Super Bowl victory, but also the way he was winning games in 2011.

He set the record with 15 fourth quarter touchdowns, which was mostly due to him bringing back the Giants all season long. In six of the nine victories, Eli had a game winning drive in the fourth quarter.

Cruz set multiple Giants records in 2011, and before the season 95 percent of NFL fans probably didn’t know his name.

Yet he set the Giants franchise record with 1,536 yards, and came one away from tying a 60 year old record with five touchdowns of 65 yards or more.

Eli and Cruz are two of the Giants’ best players, and apparently two of the more popular players in the NFL now.

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