Former New Orleans Saints Defensive End Now A Boxer

By Alejandro Aviles

When former New Orleans Saints defensive end, Jonathan Hamm, was cut by the Saints back in 2007 he was absolutely devastated. However, he really has been able to revive his athletic career, only not in football, but boxing or the sweet science as they call it. According to a story by Pat Graham of the Associated Press, Hamm is hoping to qualify for the 2012 Olympics in the super heavyweight division. However, Hamm has a tough road ahead of him, according to Graham, “If Hamm were to take nationals [U.S. Boxing National Championship], and then produce a high finish at a qualifier in Brazil this May, he could represent the weight class.” It might be a long shot for Hamm to qualify for the Olympics, but he is not the kind of person to give up. After being cut by the Saints Hamm did not give up on football as he had a stint in the Canadian Football League. Hamm said that winning a boxing match is even better than sacking a quarterback. With that statement I think Hamm’s true passion is boxing because when it comes to football there is no better feeling than sacking the quarterback, especially for a defensive player. I wish him the best of luck and look forward to watching him in the Olympics if he qualifies.

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