New Orleans Saints Historic Season Tainted By “Bounty” Program

The New Orleans Saints had a historic, record-breaking season that now has been tainted by the unsettling news that the Saints ran a “Bounty” program under former defensive coordinator, Greg Williams. According to a report by ESPN the New Orleans Saints ran a bounty program during the 2009-2011 seasons in which players would be compensated for taking out an opposing team’s player. What makes matters worse is that pretty much all of the coaching staff was aware of it, including head coach Sean Payton. Furthermore, it was reported that general manager Mickey Loomis knew about the bounty program. According to ESPN,

“Saints general manager Mickey Loomis failed to stop the bounty program when directed to do so by team owner Tom Benson, while coach Sean Payton was aware of the allegations but did not pursue them or take steps to stop the “bounty” program, according to the investigation’s findings.”

In a season that was so great for the New Orleans Saints it is very sad to hear that something like this had been going on and it has definitely tarnished the reputation of the Saints organization. Furthermore, in a season that was surely unforgettable the only thing anyone will remember now is the “Bountygate” scandal.

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  • Sam Booth

    I think that all of those convicted of these crimes intending and fulfilling harm and injuring NFL players for payment should be tired in a court of law, and be expelled from the NFL organization and certainly immediately terminated without pay from the New Orleans Saints Football Organization. This is barbaric and terroristic in nature we have tried and convicted in the United State of America for less, in this case you have people who have been attacked and targeted for payment if convicted of such crimes.
    This is embarrassing to the NFL and to our great Nation of Freedom fighters who makes the sacrifice to keep our world free from people who seek to target, hurt and maim the innocent for their own ill-gotten gain!

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