Saints LB Jonathan Vilma Shares Tweets From Fans Over 'Bounty' Program Controversy

By Dan Parzych

One of the biggest stories in the NFL world this week involved the news of former New Orleans Saints defensive coordinator Gregg Williams and his “bounty” program in which players were rewarded hefty payments for causing game-ending injuries to opponents. While the organization is expected to face some serious consequences for these actions that have taken place over the last couple of seasons, it appears the NFLPA is keeping a close eye on fans harassing members of the Saints through social media sites–which they could build an interesting case of they look at the account of Saints linebacker Jonathan Vilma.

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On Friday, Vilma decided to make the most of a bad situation by sharing numerous messages that he received from football fans on Twitter following reports that the linebacker was part of the bounty program–with one report even claiming that Vilma offered $10,000 in cash to anyone who knocked Brett Favre out of the NFC Championship back in 2010. Whether or not this is actually true is still under investigation, but that’s not stopping Vilma from having fun with all of the negative messages he’s been receiving on Twitter.

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Of course, there were plenty of other interesting messages that Vilma re-tweeted to his followers, but some of the language used by certain football fans wasn’t appropriate for the content of this article. Despite how serious this issue really is, it appears Vilma is finding some sort of humor out of this situation.

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