Jim Irsay Donates $50,000 to Indiana Tornado Aid

Concerning life in the NFL, many get so consumed with winning or losing that they forget about life outside of football.

Right now Indianapolis Colts owner, Jim Irsay, is at the center of attention with the decision regarding quarterback Peyton Manning’s future. Many are still wondering if he will announce his decision before the deadline if Manning will be back in 2012.

Despite all the turmoil that he is involved with, he has proven that there is life beyond football.

With the horrible storms in Indiana, Jim Irsay has donated $50,000 in relief efforts. It is important for Irsay and the Colt’s organization to show they care about their community. If anything this move has impressed many people to show that regardless of the Peyton Manning issue he still has class and respect for others.

He also proves that if you look beyond his tough exterior there is a softer side, a more caring side of him.

Let’s just hope this isn’t a publicity stunt to keep fans and other people in the Indiana area on his side when in less than 4 days, Manning will not be a Colt. I find it hard to believe it is a publicity stunt, since he has donated to other causes in the past.

Do you want to help the citizens of Indiana? Here is a phone number, they will be taking donations of any call the red cross to assist the relief efforts 1-800-733-2767. Or, you can text them to donate:

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