Media Question Quinton Coples Lackluster Senior Year

By Dave Daniels


Hopefully for the Panthers, the rumors that Quentin Coples didn’t give his A-effort in his senior season as a Tar Heel aren’t true. After a dominating junior year campaign, where he switched to defensive tackle after the suspension of several members of the Tar Heel defense, he had a lackluster Senior campaign by comparison.

He only had 7.5 sacks his senior year, which for anybody else in the country would have been a solid year, but Coples is at fault for setting his own bar so high with a dominating junior season of 10 sacks.

“A lot of people have a lot of high expectations for me. I appreciate that,” Coples said. “But when you’re playing the game of football, you have things that happen that don’t go as planned. I think it was a situation that happened that I learned from, I matured from, and I think I’ll reap the benefits at the next level.”

It remains to be seen whether the Panthers will keep Coples in-state, but they likely had some similar questions for him at his combine interview.

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