Robert Griffin III and Andrew Luck have tough road to best Cam Newton's Rookie Year

By Dave Daniels


In last year’s 2011 NFL draft, the Panthers picked Heisman trophy Cam Newton with the No. 1 overall pick. Newton himself said that he hopes black quarterbacks in the future get a better rap. Cam was being compared to JaMarcus Russell coming out of college, and he hope that RG3 dodges that comparison and gets compared to Cam Newton.

Griffin had his own point of view at the NFL combine.

“Cam’s a bigger guy at 6-5, 240. I’m 6-2 and 3/8th – I’m not letting that go,” Griffin said. “As a runner, he’s a little more shifty than I am, but I’m faster.” (RG3 ran 4.41 in the 40-yard dash and Cawton ran 4.59)

Griffin’s speed is no joke at all ; he is the faster quarterback to run at the combine since Michael Vick. Griffin will probably go number 2 in the draft to whoever the Rams end up trading their pick to.

Griffin also believes he comes from a more pass-heavy offense at Baylor, while also noting the comparison in confidence level between the two quarterbacks.

“I have more experience in the passing game in college – not that I’m more polished than him, but just that we threw it a little bit more at Baylor than he did at Auburn. His confidence is off the charts. I try to keep my confidence on the charts, but I’m a confident guy as well. You’ve got to be that way.”

Andrew Luck is another quarterback who has made some noise this year with all the speculation about the Colts and Peyton Manning. (Rant Sports writer BLANK broke the story that the Colts would be releasing Peyton)

Both Luck and Griffin will be hard-pressed to have a better rookie-quarterback season than Newton who had the most passing yards by a rookie quarterback ever, and more rushing touchdowns than any quarterback in NFL history.

Cam, in the meantime, hopes to somehow surpass his rookie campaign. Coach Ron Rivera has high praise and confidence in his quarterback going forward.

“He really exceeded the expectations of a lot of people,” Rivera said. “The success he had came a lot sooner than we expected, but we felt the young man had certain abilities, and he most certainly did shine.”

Luck and Griffin will be the stars of this NFL draft, but whoever ends up having the most star-studded career remains to be seen. The amount of talent at the quarterback position in the NFL is as high as ever, and all three men will need to bring their A-effort in 2012

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