Why the Indianapolis Colts Must Use Their Franchise Tag

By Christopher B. Batchelder

Every year teams have time to sign their players before the free agent market hits. Some teams agree to terms with players while others just franchise tag players. For the most part, the idea behind the franchise tag is to give teams a longer period of time to get a deal done. However, there are times when teams aren’t sold on players, and they want to give them one more year to prove they are worthy of a long-term deal.

After this off-season of changes in Indianapolis including general manager, coaches, and players, the Colts must use their franchise tag. This will show fans that they are trying to build on what they have done in the past but at the same time, building for their future. With Andrew Luck being drafted in April, it is essential for the Colts to franchise a big name player to help connect the older and younger players together.

So far that has not happened. In less than 1 hour the Indianapolis Colts have to select a player to franchise tag, or they will lose it. The two guys in consideration are Robert Mathis and Pierre Garcon. However, no deals have been reached, and in fact, the talks between Garcon and the Colts have not moved very well. Garcon rejected a 5-year deal in February, which leads us to believe that he plans on testing the free agent market.

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As far as Robert Mathis, a few weeks back the talks were going well, but lately they have been at a standstill. Mathis makes the most sense to tag; you can’t afford to lose a veteran presence like Mathis, not only on the field but also in your locker room. I understand the idea of rebuilding but, you can’t turn your back on everyone just for the sake of a restart. Robert Mathis has been too important to just let go into the free agent market. There was progress, talked about here Excellent News, Indianapolis and Robert Mathis Getting Closer To a New deal.

The Indianapolis Colts are at a crossroads with their franchise, and now is the time to lock up a veteran player; one that the fans can be excited about.

As the franchise tags deadline looms, all we can do is wait to see if the Colts make the right decision.


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