Indianapolis Colts Start Reloading, Not Rebuilding Process

By Christopher B. Batchelder

Tomorrow is the day that the era of Peyton Manning as the quarterback of the Indianapolis Colts will end officially. Let us take a look into the future.

The Indianapolis Colts have the No. 1 pick in this year’s draft and all signs point toward them selecting Andrew Luck. The Colts just signed Robert Mathis to a new four-year deal, and they have their eyes on trying to bring Pierre Garcon back. The Indianapolis Colts have many positives going for them.

With a new general manager and new coaches, why not add a new quarterback? The Colts have decided to start fresh and not necessarily rebuild but reload. The biggest key to the Colts’ success in 2012 is the off-season reloading process. With free agency starting on March 13 the Colts will need to fill many holes on their team. Let’s be honest; the Colts in 2011 were a very bad football team. They have many needs that will be addressed through free agency and the draft in April.

The very first thing they must do is re-sign some veteran players, like Reggie Wayne. There have been reports that Manning and Wayne are a package deal, as reported here:  Indianapolis Colts’ Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne Package Deal;Great Idea. However, it is essential that the Colts somehow keep Wayne. He is the receiver that kept everyone together, even when they were losing last season. Another man that the Colts must get to come back is Jeff Saturday. His presence and leadership alone is something that they won’t find just sitting on the free agency market.

Another big job for the Colts is to strengthen up that secondary of theirs. They need to spend some money on some big-name guys like a Cortland Finnegan that was not tagged by the Tennessee Titans. He would bring leadership and toughness to this team; something that has been missing for years.

Even though many Indianapolis fans are sad of the news that Manning will not be coming back, they have positives to think about. Luck is the No.1 reason to be excited. Jim Irsay hired the right kind of guys to start this new era of Colts football.

So Colts’ fans; start growing your neck beards out.

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