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Plaxico Burress Calls Return to New York Giants ‘A Great Possibility’

Last offseason, many thought former wide receiver Plaxico Burress was going to make a return to the New York Giants.

Instead, he decided to play with the team they share a stadium with, the New York Jets. Now that he has played out his one year contract, Burress is again calling a return to his former team “a great possibility.”

After spending the entire offseason lauding the Philadelphia Eagles and a chance to play there, maybe the impending departure of Mario Manningham is causing a change of heart.

I would still consider the Eagles to be the front runner, but he gave his old teammates/current Giants a ton of praise on SiriusXM NFL Radio on Tuesday.

“Playing in Kevin Gilbride’s system is definitely one of the best,” he said. “You just see the production those guys are having at the wide receiver position.”

“Victor Cruz obviously with the year he had, Hakeem Nicks and Mario Manningham. You just look at some of the plays that those guys are making out there on the edge.”

Despite the reports that Eli Manning was not exactly friendly with Burress while he was in prison, and when Burress visited the team facility for the first time when free agency opened last July and Eli did not see him, Burress gave Eli words of praise, calling him “a man of his position.”

It’s also not a secret that Burress did not enjoy playing for Coughlin in the past, but that didn’t stop him from saying “he’s definitely a great coach.”

“One thing about playing for Tom Coughlin is he’s going to have his guys ready to go.”

Aside from the Eagles and Giants, Burress is reportedly also interested in his two former teams, the Jets and Steelers, as alternate destinations.

Burress and Eli were one of the more potent combinations in football during their time together, and the hookup for the game winner in the Super Bowl will stand the test of time.

Depending on how much Burress wants dollars wise and how willing he is to accept a backup role, I could get on board with this. I was against his return last season, but with Manningham practically out the door the Giants could use a cheap option as a replacement.

Domenik Hixon re-signed last Friday, but will his right ACL hold up?

Burress will forever be remembered for the heroics in Super Bowl XLII. Maybe a triumphant return can add to his legacy.