Will It Be Tough For The St. Louis Rams To Trade The 2nd Overall Pick?

By Anthony Blake

The St. Louis Rams continue to shop the second overall choice in next month’s NFL Draft despite all of the controversy surrounding their current defensive coordinator Gregg Williams. Management has to stay on task even though they may be faced with the chore of replacing Williams just a one month after welcoming him aboard.

Trading the number two pick in the 2012 NFL Draft has been the main focus of the Rams since the NFL Scouting Combine where several teams fell in love with Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III. While a trade would make a great deal of sense for a team like the Cleveland Browns at four, the Washington Redskins at six, or even the Miami Dolphins at eight, perhaps these teams might have second thoughts about pulling the trigger too quickly.

Certainly the Minnesota Vikings with the third overall choice don’t need RG3 given the fact that they just selected Christian Ponder in round one a year ago. That is the only team between the Browns and Rams in the selection order.

The only trick that the Rams could pull to preserve the value of their second selection is to take a page from the San Diego Chargers circa 2004 and threaten to select Griffin III even though they have no intentions of keeping him. Obviously such a scenario is still more than a month away from taking place, but that would be the team’s best bargaining chip when it comes to maximizing the value of their choice.

There are still plenty of dominoes to fall in this ordeal for all parties involved so the outcome remains very much in doubt. One thing’s for sure and that is the more teams drawn into the bidding war for RG3, the better deal the Rams can get for that pick. General Manager Les Snead will undoubtedly keep all avenues of communication open leading up to draft day.

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