2012 NFL Draft Detroit Lions should Draft Janoris Jenkins in the First Round

By Greg Bolotin

Janoris Jenkins is going to face questions about his mistakes until draft day.  No one will question his talent and abilities to cover wide receivers in the NFL.  Scouts and analyst see Janoris Jenkins as a genuine first round draft choice. Jenkins can make an impact right away for the team that picks him.

In the 2012 NFL draft, there are a few quality corners that could be drafted in the first round such Morris Claiborne, Dre Kilpatrick to go along with Janoris Jenkins. Jenkins has to prove to the public, and the NFL teams that he is all cleaned up, and should be a first round draft choice, or he could fall much lower in the draft.

The Lions have the 23rd overall pick in the 2012 Draft. They saw in their playoff loss to the New Orleans Saints and other key losses in 2011 having a shut down corner, who can disrupt an opponent’s passing game, can be a game changer. Janoris Jenkins can be that type of player for the Detroit Lions.

That being said the Detroit Lions are going to continue interviewing Janoris Jenkins as their general manager Marty Mayhew did at the Senior Bowl. Jenkins has been up front about his mistakes whenever he has been asked. Janoris Jenkins has four young children and wants to properly take care of them. He also wants to show them, their dad has matured to be a good role model in their future.

The Detroit Lions have had good fortune of doing very well in their last couple draft classes. That does not erase years of drafting players that gave the Detroit Lions more headaches off the field then games played.  They better grill Janoris Jenkins and study him until they know for sure they want to take the chance and draft him.

Janoris Jenkins is a very talented football player. This is his time, to show critics that he is drug free and his off field problems are far behind him. Jenkins can have a promising NFL career if he can stay on the right path.  Drafting Janoris Jenkins will be huge step forward for the Detroit Lions, in improving their defense as whole. He has the quickness and tackling abilities. He has great hands to deflect and intercept passes that the Lions secondary could not last season.

It is always a risk drafting players who have had off the field troubles. Janoris Jenkins is a rare talent that has great abilities, that can make a team better right away. The Detroit Lions are the team that should take the risk, and draft Jenkins in the first round. The Lions have a great coach in Jim Schwartz, and players like Matthew Stafford , Calvin Johnson, and Ndamukong Suh to keep Jenkins in line. Janoris Jenkis had an incredible upside that the Detroit Lions need. To take bigger steps to be considered an elite team going into the 2012 season.


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