Curtis Painter Missed the Memo; Indianapolis Colts Drafting Andrew Luck

By Christopher B. Batchelder

Once in a while you run by a story or a news headline that mentions something you laugh aloud to. Well, Indianapolis Colts’ quarterback Curtis Painter has created that story for us.

After the heartbreaking press conference where Jim Irsay informed the world that Peyton Manning will not be back, Painter called media and teammates to inform them that he is their man.

“I totally got this,” said a clueless Painter. “I learned a lot from Peyton and a lot last year, so now I’m ready to be the #1 guy.” Painter was somehow thinking he will be under center next fall. “I won’t let you guys down,” said Painter.  He may have learned a great deal from a future Hall of Famer, however, that doesn’t translate to an automatic starting spot.

I guess Painter has missed the abundance of news coverage on the two draft prospects, Andrew Luck and Robert Griffin III. Has Painter not looked back at his game film from this past season? I don’t think that even a Canadian team would give him a tryout. Painter, who is the only quarterback on the roster under contract, honestly thinks he will be the man. With a beat-up team last year they won two games, and by the way, Curtis Painter did not win any.

I like that he is ready to work, but this is a true sign of someone who is completely delusional about his situation. Good luck to the Colts trying to figure out how to let him down without hurting his feelings.

This is a true sign that the Indianapolis Colts must sign a quarterback, or two, in free agency to back up rookie Andrew Luck. There’s no mistaking that this is Andrew Luck’s team until he loses it.

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