New York Jets Need to Put Randy Moss In Gang Green

I love NFL football and I love the New York Jets.  I watch games every Sunday and I dominate fantasy football.  That’s my resume, but despite how geeked up I get each and every weekend, my armchair general managing abilities are not quite what they are on the baseball side.  Because of this, I’m going to try to stay within myself and not get myself into trouble by over-analyzing things.  I’ve got some things to get off of my chest though so this may be more of a classic rant than anything else.  Anyway, the title says it all.  The New York Jets need some real wide receivers and Randy Moss is out there.  I shouldn’t have to say anything else, but I will.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not the least bit enthusiastic about the Jets receiving corps.  And please don’t come at me with any Santonio Holmes noise.  If there is one thing that I can’t stand in the NFL it’s second or third tier receivers with the misconception that they’re elite and that they’re entitled to diva behavior.  Nothing about Holmes even whispers elite to me.  I’ve got a buddy who keeps referring to him as a “top shelf weapon”.  He’s a Miami Dolphins fan, so he must just enjoy watching Holmes fumble, drop passes and cause drama.  Holmes reminds of that girl from school who’s decent - you know, a seven on the 1-10 scale.  Only she parades around as if she’s a 10.  “Get the f*** outta here” is what I’d say to her and that’s the way I feel about Holmes.

I could go through the other New York Jets receivers, but they really don’t have any names I feel like mentioning here.  The point is Randy Moss could come in and immediately be the best receiver on this team.  Obviously there is more baggage than we could imagine.  I’m not suggesting the Jets sign the dude to a long-term deal, but if they’re going to be content with mediocrity on offense – and this offense is firmly mediocre – why not roll the dice?  At the absolute least, you know the Jets would be guaranteed two MONSTER games from Moss.  Maybe even a full season if he’s motivated to knock the New England Patriots off of their perch atop the division.

I know this is a risk and I know the New York Jets already have enough characters in their locker room.  The way I see it though, the offense can’t get any worse at this point so why not sign the game’s most prolific home run hitter?

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  • Keith

    If you would of posted this before he ran a 4.39 i would say your crazy lol.

    But yea Moss would help i think Edwards is a better fit. They can afford to bring in them both if they really wanted to get the pass game going. Thats just it they dont want that. they dont want tone in 1 ear and moss in the other screaming to throw into triple coverage and trust them that they will catch it.

    Lets start the movement bring in HILLIS!!! And edwards Moss ONLY IF HE COMES A LEAGUE Min. Get back to that 09 form pound the ball every down and use bootlegs and playaction to score 17-24 points and win TOP and not turn it over.

    • Craig Williams

      Haha, I probably would not even have thought about it if he didn’t run that 40 time. I wonder how much rust was on his legs when he ran that. Could he end up being even faster after a full round of OTAs and camps?

      I’m not really a big Edwards fan. He and Holmes made a nice duo in 2010, but those are the types of wells you only go to once in my opinion. In terms of Hillis, I’m gonna have to say pass. I’d much rather have Michael Bush. I love his versatility and I think he’d be a great addition with his power and ability to catch balls out of the backfield.

      Either way, the offense definitely needs to help the defense. Like you said, control the clock, protect the football and put points on the board. Allow the defense to play with some leads and I think they’ll return closer to 2009 and 2010 levels.

  • Kev

    Hey Craig, you’re a good writer by the way …. I agree 100% – I’m not fond of Edwards, Holmes is a leathal #2 ( but not a #1 ) – and Randy Moss is just a beast. New England let him go because their offense is a 2 tight end monster and will be for the next 5-6 years at least. Have you heard a peep of complaining out of Ocho-Cinco? No ! because his position is a decoy unless he finds himself standing all alone in the endzone. AND because… tada ! he gets to contend for the Superbowl every year!( if I were him I would shut up and keep running fly routes too..Plus 70% less hits!? Easy Money ! )

    I believe Randy Moss was given this Patriots blueprint/new direction and felt like he wanted to catch some more touchdowns while he still has some gas in the tank. So attention haters * It’s not Randy Moss’s fault that Brad Childress is a CLOWN and Tennesse is mediocre * – let’s we forget Moss Embaressed D-Revis just for kicks. ( A Revis squarely in his prime ) If it were up to me? Sign Randy up and let him play.

    • Craig Williams

      I appreciate it Kev.

      I’d love Holmes as a No. 2. As far as Randy goes, I think he’s the NFL’s answer to Manny Ramirez. The guy can roll out of bed and hit home runs. Motivation is always his problem, but I think a season with the Jets would give him plenty of motivation. He’d love Rex Ryan – at least I’d put money on it and he’d single-handedly turn this offense from mediocre to above average. Just imagine Moss and Revis going at it in practice everyday.