Philadelphia Eagles Must Pursue Peyton Manning

The Philadelphia Eagles are in no different a position as most of the teams in the NFL.  That position is to go after one of the best quarterbacks to ever play the game, Peyton Manning.  Believe it or not, acquiring Manning is an attainable proposition.

Around the NFL, the Philadelphia Eagles are viewed as a top-notch organization.  The owner, Jeffery Lurie, has stated publicly that the only real goal left for the Eagles is to win a Super Bowl.  Mr. Lurie, the best chance of doing just that is right in front of you.

Put Michael Vick aside for a moment and look just how appealing landing in Philadelphia is to Peyton Manning.  Entering the last year of his contract, head coach Andy Reid is still the most tenured coach in the NFL.  Reid is well respected and offers a system that is one of the most quarterback friendly in the NFL.  The organization, Andy Reid and the fans all know that the 2012 season is pivotal.

Peyton Manning could be reunited with his long time offensive line coach, Howard Mudd.  That would bring Manning a sense of comfort.  Additionally, the Eagles possess one of the best left tackles in the game, Jason Peters.  Manning would know that his blindside would be effectively protected and the protection schemes the Eagles would employ.

The Eagles have the deep threat in wide receiver DeSean Jackson, the dynamic complimentary receiver, Jeremy Maclin and the go-to possession tight end, Brent Celek.  Bring in free agent, Plaxico Burress, and the Eagles would have a corp of receivers that would flourish with the abilities of Peyton Manning.

The Eagles feature a ground game with one of the NFLs most versatile running backs, LeSean McCoy.  Manning needs the type of half back McCoy is, ie, Edgerinn James and Jospeh Addai.   A back that can run the stretch draw and be available as a safety outlet.

The Eagles defense is young and on the rise.  In fact, the Eagles defense is patterned after the Colts:  on the small side but extremely fast.  With another year under defensive coordinator, Juan Castillo, the defense should create more turnovers.

Michael Vick is expendable.  With the lack of pro-bowl calibre quarterback in the NFL, there would be several, if not many, that would take on Michael Vicks contract.  In return, the Eagles could get a somewhat decent draft pick.  A draft pick that could help alleviate some of the defensive holes.

The Eagles offense was explosive last year.  If Michael Vick was not the ’human turn-over machine’, the Eagles would have made the playoffs.  Manning would drastically reduce the turnovers, score more points and place the Birds immediately in title contention.  All of this makes too much sense for the Eagles not to be a front runner in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes.



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  • Eric

    You want to know why pursuing Manning is a bad idea. First off, Philly is a cold weather city. Manning is clearly going to a warm weather city or a team with a dome. Now, brings me to the reason why this talk is dumb. You have a quaterback who has without a doubt, one of the biggest egos in all of the NFL. Now mix that with the vast majority of philly sports media that has done nothing the past few days but say Manning is a Super Bowl Guareentee and Vick is basically a Silver Medal. Vick considers himself top 5 now. If you thought of yourself like that, would you not be a little bit annoyed and displeased with the disrespect. Another case where the Philly media should butt out with advice. Remember when they cried for Rodney Peete in favor of Randall Cunningham. How did that work out? Vick is good and dangerous if he stays healthy. Philly was a Super Bowl team once they meshed. They make the playoff, not the Giants, they win it all. I’m a Cowboys fan and can admit that.

  • Jo

    I agree Peyton Manning is an Awesome quarterback. Too bad the Glasers in Tampa are too cheap to hire him. We need someone who can bring the Bucs to another victory and if any one could Peyton would be the MAN !!! Good luck whereever you go Peyton. I look forward to watching you play this season.