Seattle Seahawks Willing To Change Offense To Suit Peyton Manning

By Lars Hanson

SEATTLE — The news we’ve known for months became official Tuesday that the Indianapolis Colts have released Peyton Manning. Since late December the speculation of Manning being released has been endless. The only question was should that happen where would the 14-year veteran land?

Several hopefuls in Miami started their own campaign creating which also included several billboards across the city. While that has been the most noticeable ploy to get the free agent quarterback  several other teams around the league have been suggested as possible fits, including the Seattle Seahawks.

With a quarterback situation in question and no on-roster solution the idea of bringing Manning in to make an Arizona Cardinals/Kurt Warner type run has been brought up. The Seahawks are arguably one elite quarterback away from making a deep playoff run with the ideal scenario being another Super Bowl appearance.

Sports Illustrated’s Jim Trotter said late Tuesday night “[The] Seahawks are willing to not only pay Manning and sign [Reggie] Wayne, but also adjust the offense to what Manning is accustomed to running.”

To put that in perspective that would mean the Seahawks would sign Reggie Wayne, who has been Manning’s favorite target in his time with Indy, sign Manning to likely a two-or-three year contract and essentially make Manning the Seahawks offensive coordinator.

While the Seahawks have the financial ability to make a move like that, would they really hand the keys over to Manning? At 35-years-old and four neck surgeries that’s giving a lot of power to a player with question marks. Granted, his pedigree and skills are unmatchable and he’d be an instant fix.

Seattle, just like every other team that will be interested in Manning, will do an extensive, through medical review to know without a doubt that he’s able to play. Manning essentially is in the same situation that Drew Brees was in in 2006. Coming off a serious injury, hitting the open market with teams cautiously interested.

Should Manning check out medically it makes perfect sense for the Seahawks to make this move. It doesn’t hurt the team long-term like trading up in the draft would. If it doesn’t work out they can select a quarterback in the 2012 draft and move forward.

If it works out and the Seahawks make one or two Super Bowl runs over the next three years then well it’s an easy win. In the big picture the Seahawks can’t go wrong by signing Manning, along with Wayne, and letting Carroll focus on the defense which is one of the best young defenses in the league.

There is no doubt the Seahawks will have at least three to four other teams to fight against for Manning’s services but in terms of success Manning can’t find a better situation. There’s no big-city pressure like New York and the supporting case is already built around him.

Wayne, 33, would join Sidney Rice, Doug Baldwin, Mike Williams and Zach Miller as Manning’s primary receiving targets with running back Marshawn Lynch balancing out the offense.

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