Tim Tebow is Not Better than Manning and Griffin

By Derek Kessinger

The press conference this morning that Peyton Manning is leaving Indianapolis has already generated hundreds of posts, about which teams should go after him, and will generate hundreds more until he signs. There are probably ten fan bases that will never forgive their owners for not signing Manning. If he turns out to be at the top of his game when he returns, that number will rise.

Manning is easily one of the five best quarterbacks of all time. That was particularly apparent with how easily the Colts fell apart without him. His regular season numbers and early playoff rounds put him at the top of the class with Tom Brady, John Elway, Joe Montana and Johnny Unitas. If he finds a way to win another Super Bowl, he will move up the list.

One of those four men on the quarterback greats list has a tough decision to make. It’s no secret that Denver Broncos President, John Elway, desperately wants to bring in a quarterback to become his heir apparent. I don’t think that Elway sees Tim Tebow as that guy. And the others, Brian Griese, Jake Plummer, Jay Cutler and Kyle Orton, have turned out to be nothing more than placeholders.

So the question becomes, what does Elway do with Tim Tebow? The Jacksonville Jaguars are desperate to bring in fans and keep the team in Florida. The one player who has a chance to make that happen is Tim Tebow. Reports have gone around that Jacksonville may be willing to part with their seventh overall pick for Tim Tebow.

If Tebow were to leave, the Broncos should make a run at Peyton Manning. Denver Post Columnist Mark Kiszla said that he thinks Manning and John Fox would clash. Looking at the last season with Tebow though, Fox is more than willing to adapt to win football games.

With the seventh pick, the Broncos would have the option of making a run at the Rams second pick by packaging their 25th overall pick. With or without Manning, Robert Griffin III looks like he is going to be the next great quarterback, a quarterback that Elway would love to have to mold into the “Next One” in Denver.

Tim Tebow may continue to be a serviceable quarterback, but in a league that values passing above all else, Griffin and Manning put Tebow to shame. If Jacksonville is willing to take a steep bid on Tebow, then the Broncos should send Tebow time, Tebowing, and the Tebow fanatics to Jacksonville. Maybe Tebow can convince them to get better uniforms.

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