2012 NFL Free Agency: Peyton Manning May Be Hiding Something

By Christopher B. Batchelder

It’s been just over 24 hours since Peyton Manning was put on the waiver wire, and already he has teams contacting his agent Tom Condon. At first there were 12 teams interested in Manning – per sources, it has now been cut down to 5 real contenders. All the teams have different things to offer Manning, but one thing they have in common is that they have yet to see him throw.

Peyton Manning has yet to throw for a team to see if he can actually make NFL throws like he could before the injury, but that doesn’t seem to bother Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross. In fact, Ross has told general manager Jeff Ireland to do what it takes to sign him. Even some other sports icons have reached out to him through the media. Here is a video with LeBron James; Video: LeBron James Lobbies for Peyton Manning to Sign With Miami Dolphins. Hall of Famer Dan Marino has also been mentioned that he may possibly contact Peyton Manning to tell him how great the city of Miami is.

With the Dolphins putting on their  “full court press,” they are miles ahead of other teams. But who are the Dolphins putting the pressure on – Manning or the other teams? If you were an owner wanting to sign a guy like Manning, and you saw another organization being so aggressive, it would just be natural to try to top them. The difference here is that the Dolphins are willing to sign him without seeing him throw a ball. Will that force other teams to do the same? I know there was more than one reason that Jim Irsay let Manning go, but could he know something that we all don’t?

At this point, it is unknown if Manning is willing to throw in front of teams. However, he may not have to throw if the Dolphins stay this aggressive without seeing a workout. Isn’t that kind of investing without research? Either way you look at it, you are risking a lot by signing him, no matter who he is.

This situation is full of “what ifs,” but seriously; what if Manning is hurt more than reported and he is the only one to know about it? The hardest thing to do as an athlete is walk away before you are ready. Is Manning holding on to a dream just because he doesn’t want to leave the game?

All of these questions will be answered in the next few weeks, but it’s evident Manning refuses to give up and that someone will likely sign him and give him a chance.

Final thought: is Miami going all in because they missed out on Drew Brees a few years back?

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