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Dallas Cowboys Restructure Dez Bryant’s Contract

The Dallas Cowboys are preparing to at least attempt to sign some help in free agency this off-season. Cowboys receiver Dez Bryant restructured his contract on Thursday to help create more salary cap space for Dallas to use once free agency begins on March 13. Bryant is due a $1.435 million roster bonus on March 23, but the Cowboys have converted that to a prorated signing bonus instead.

Houston Texans receiver Andre Johnson also restructured his deal to give his team room to re-sign free agent pass rusher Mario Williams. Few rumors have floated through Valley Ranch the Cowboys will pursue Williams in free agency, but Houston is apparently already preparing to match any offer.

Every off-season Cowboys owner Jerry Jones promises big changes for his team and assures the Dallas faithful he will bring help via free agency, but never does. If he fails to do so again this year, the Cowboys’ window for a championship with the current core group of players will begin to close. Dallas needs help on defense in the worst way and the Cowboys cannot ignore that for another season.

Restructuring Bryant’s deal is a step in the right direction; Dallas did the same with Tony Romo, DeMarcus Ware and Jay Ratliff’s contracts last year, but didn’t make any moves in free agency. The Cowboys can’t afford to let that happen again in 2012.

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