Detroit Lions are not Bounty Hunters

By Greg Bolotin

The Detroit Lions defense received a lot of heat for their play on the field in 2011. Especially after the talk of the New Orleans Saints defense having “a bounty program” out for players they hurt and or knocked out of games. There has been talk about players injured by the Saints defense suing them over their Injuries.

Ndamukong Suh was suspended for 2 games for stepping on Green Bay Packer’s Evan Dietrich-Smith during their Thanksgiving Day Match up. This was a poor decision on Suh’s part and he has publicly apologized for it since.

Ndamukong Suh does have a reputation for being a dirty player. Players around the league have made comments about his play. He is a throwback player playing in today’s game. He has accumulated 42,000 dollars in fines in his two seasons with Detroit.  Detroit Lions players on defense and offense have received penalties for late hits, and other infractions. This does not mean they came to play with intent to injure their opponents.

Because of the way the Detroit Lions play defense, they have been asked by the media  if they have their own bounty program.  The New Orleans Saints former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams administered this bounty program, he and his players put money into pools that the Saints used to pay their players .Then executed this bounty program on the field.

Commissioner Roger Goodell has tough decisions ahead of him regarding punishments that the Saints coaching staff, Greg Williams, and others could be dealt. This issue could go through the legal system and get a lot worse.

There is a major difference between playing with a bounty program, and playing hard, and aggressive on the field. Playing aggressive might lead to poor decisions that lead to fines and punishments. A bounty program guarantees it.  The Detroit Lions have a very young and talented team. Their coach Jim Schwartz has a brought a new winning attitude to the franchise.

The Detroit Lions are hungry, they just came off a 2011 season in which they made the playoffs for the first time since 1999. Players have made mistakes and received costly penalties that have lead too fines or suspensions, which in turn caused the Detroit Lions to lose games. A young team can mature after making mistakes and learning from them.

Going into the 2012 season the Detroit Lions are a team on the rise with Super Bowl aspirations. A Team that plays with an attitude that they will not tolerate being pushed around, and will play hard to help their team win games. The Detroit Lions organization has one goal, to bring a Super Bowl Trophy to the city of Detroit.

The Detroit Lions have suffered through many years of futility and now are on the rise. The goal of the game of football is too play hard, and win football games. This is completely different then a coach setting up a bounty program, and telling his players to go out with the goal of earning money If they can purposely hurt opposing players.

When the New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl, they did it unprofessionally. Hopefully the Saints organization will be punished in way that we never hear about bounty programs being used in the NFL ever again. Teams like the Detroit Lions that play hard, with a winning attitude, should not have to answer questions like this.

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