Indianapolis Colts Getting a Workhorse in Andrew Luck

By Christopher B. Batchelder

One true sign to see if someone will achieve greatness, and become a champion is to find them in the off-season. Watch what they do, how they act, and most importantly where they spend most of their days. When everyone is having fun and being lazy, go to the gym and I bet you anything you will find a champion drenched in sweat working his butt off.

The hard work and dedication is something that Andrew Luck is accustomed to. He worked hard all through high school to get to the elite level in college that he’s at. The hard work hasn’t ended and may never, for Luck. He is a workhorse; always has been and always will be. You want a leader you; got one. With one legend’s career ending, another one is grabbing the reigns and running with them.

A day after the emotional goodbye between Jim Irsay and Peyton Manning, you can find Andrew Luck working just as hard as he ever has. Luck hired George Whitfield to train him. Whitfield ran a program for Cam Newton before the draft last year. Newton took the work-ethic that was instilled by Whitfield, and carried it to a Rookie of the Year award and a Pro Bowl selection.

Every day Andrew Luck is put through numerous workouts, to go with hundred of throws. Just because Luck is the obvious selection at No.1, he is determined not to end his career with the draft pick. He understands that getting into the NFL is only half the battle. Luck is trying to avoiding No.1 casualties like JaMarcus Russel, or the biggest bust Ryan Leaf.

In the last 25 years, 60 percent of all No. 1 overall picks have been spent on quarterbacks. As rookies, those quarterbacks started a combined 144 games. That translated to winning 42 of them, or roughly the equivalent of a 4-12 season that occasionally hits 5-11. Considering how difficult the NFL season can be, especially on a rookie, these stats are not surprising at all. This is a fact that stares Andrew Luck directly in the face, and one that Luck is willing to take on. It is not good enough for Luck to be in the NFL, but to win in this league.

Andrew Luck will become a member of the Indianapolis Colts in April, and you can expect to see him working even harder to fill the shoes of a legend – Peyton Manning.

It may seem grim at the moment but with Luck your chances of winning are in good hands.

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