Peyton Manning to Denver May Require a Home Run Hitter

By Derek Kessinger

The big question surrounding whether Peyton Manning would consider Denver as an option is the glaring backup quarterback situation. As Kyle Orton learned, Tebow fanatics do not take it well when their savior is on the bench.

If Manning were to come to Denver, Broncos management would have to convince Tim that “Tebow Time” was simply on hold, as long as he is still on the team. With Orton, Tebow never threw all of his support behind the coach’s decision. He consistently deflected any questions regarding his support for Orton.

For the Broncos to acquire Manning, they may need the help of his former quarterback partner Todd Helton. Helton was famously the last player to start in front of Manning before this season. The two attended the University of Tennessee before going their separate ways. Manning became one of the greatest quarterbacks in the history of the NFL. Helton became the Rockies greatest player (at least while Carlos Gonzalez and Troy Tulowitzki’s careers remain young).

The two quarterbacks remain very close and Manning often comes and visits the Rockies’ first baseman in spring training or during the season. The Denver Post’s Troy Renck asked Helton, who worked out briefly with Manning this winter, about the possibility of recruiting Manning:

“First, I have to see where Peyton’s at,” Helton said. “If it came down to the Broncos and another team, I would probably talk to him.”

Despite Tebow mania, everyone in Denver  seems ready to at least pause the experience to have a great quarterback in Denver again. Will the Denver Broncos un-retire their first quarterback’s number, the 18 of Frank Tripucka to do so? For now, Denver may just have one Tennessee quarterback in town but soon there may be two.



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