Would Michael Vick Restructure His Contract If Asked?

By Frank Benditt III

New York Giants quarterback, Eli Manning, reportedly restructured his contract in order for the team to free up some salary cap space.  That is pretty cool considering Manning played the best football of his life in 2011, won the Super Bowl and garnered the MVP on the grandest stage of them all.

Eli agreed to drastically lower his base salary from $10.75 mill to $1.75 mill, yielding about $7 million in cap space.  Manning is still going to get paid.  Eli agreed to defer the money.  It sounds relatively reasonable for a leader to sign off on this measure if it helps the team out.  NFL football is the ultimate team sport.

Because of the Eagles are savvy with the salary cap, they stand in good shape entering the 2012 season.  Current estimated cap room for the Eagles is $19,386,628.  That may seem like a lot, however, we all saw the Eagles make a huge splash in the free agency market last offseason.  For a team who’s owner, Jeffery Lurie, has publicly stated that the only goal left is a Super Bowl Championship, what if that is not enough cap space?

The biggest cap hit on the 2012 Eagles roster is quarterback, Michael Vick.  Vick’s cap figure is set at $13.9 million.  So, if the Eagles were as aggressive as they were last season in the free agent market, who is to say they would  not approach Michael Vick about restructuring his deal?  That is not unimaginable.

How would Michael Vick respond?  Would he defer to the organization that ressurected his career, or would he balk at the notion?  Michael Vick has seemingly changed his mentality into a professional athlete who is driven to be the best.  Who knows?  The reality is that Michael Vick was in an extreme amount of debt before the Birds inked him for $100 million.

If this scenario played out, it would be fascinating.  With a team who’s head coach is entering what may be his last year, that is deperately seeking a championship run, you just never know.

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