Indianapolis Colts Latest Change - Cap Casualities

By Christopher B. Batchelder

The sad realization in sports is that players get cut before they are ready; either because you want to make playing time for younger players, or because some players cost too much.

This afternoon, the Indianapolis Colts cut ties with 5 veteran players – running back Joseph Addai, safety Melvin Bullitt, quarterback Curtis Painter, tight end Dallas Clark, and most surprising, linebacker Gary Brackett. The release of these players comes just hours after the news that the Colts are willing to listen to trade offers for Dwight Freeney, as talked about here: Indianapolis Colts Willing to Trade Dwight Freeney; proves Rebuilding is in Session. All of this news is following the unbelievable news of the release of Peyton Manning. Many thought, after Manning’s release it would end up being a snowball effect, and it sure has.

It is easy to blame the organization and ask them why would they consider releasing these 5. However, the facts are that these 5 guys were the result of a contract casualty. The Colts know they are in a rebuilding mode and losing these contracts would open money for potential free agents.


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If you can believe that, these players were guys that were big Manning supporters, who were unsure of the new direction. With them gone, maybe the Colts are trying to clean house of anyone that supported Manning and would rather play with him. If that is the case, just forget any of the older guys coming back. As far as Jeff Saturday, who is a free agent, we have seen the last of him in a Colts uniform with all of these changes. There are so many changes that has happened already, I would just imagine there is more to come; if there is anything left to change.

Indianapolis Colts’ fans have some open wounds, and these releases do not help one bit. As the time gets closer to free agency, the Colts better have a good plan to bring some players into Indianapolis. Then again, who would want to become a Colt when all of the players are being released.

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