Washington Redskins: Ladies and Gentlemen, We have Robert Griffin III

By Emmanual Benton

Redskins Nation, it’s officially time to go crazy! After years of having nothing but problems at the Quarterback position, the Washington Redskins have acquired the rights to select the 2012 Heisman Winner, Robert Griffin III.

This is what majority of Washington Redskins fans wanted. I don’t know if I’ve ever seen such an overall consensus on which Quarterback Redskins fans wanted. Well, as you can see in the picture above, RG3 is on the phone… and he’s unofficially, yet officially just realized he will soon become the face of the Redskins franchise.

Since the NFL Combine, the Washington Redskins have been completely sold on Robert Griffin III. Soon after Mike Shanahan and staff met with Griffin, I received numerous of messages from people close to the Redskins saying this deal not only would get done, but was essentially done. I’ve been confident from that day forward that Washington would be able to successfully land RG3, and to see it happen is pleasantly surreal.

Now, with this comes a load of pressure. The Redskins just completed a blockbuster trade, and now Griffin has to prove his worth. Not only do I think he’ll do that, I think he can surpass those expectations. This guy brings such a unique skill-set. Not to mention, to use a Joe Gibbs term, he’s super smart and has a great character.

According to ESPN’s NFL Insider, Adam Schefter, this trade will not stop the Redskins from signing Peyton Manning, if he wants to sign with Washington. Though that’s very unlikely, you have to love the aggression Washington is showing to improve their Quarterback position.

Ladies and Gentlemen, we’re having ourselves an offseason!

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