2012 NFL Draft : With Robert Griffin III Officially Off The Table, Browns Can Finally Focus On More Important Areas Of Need

CLEVELAND, OH – A man once said, “Never sacrifice the promise of the future for the unsure glory of the present”

Clearly, Washington Redskins owner, Daniel Snyder didn’t get the memo.

In a move that will be looked back upon in the same ranks of the infamous 1999 New Orleans Saints trade for Ricky Williams and the Minnesota Vikings trade for Cowboys running back Herschel Walker in 1989, the Redskins may have outdone themselves with a move that borders on sheer audacity and complete insanity.

As first reported by Jay Glazer of Fox Sports and confirmed by ESPN’s Adam Schefter, the St Louis Rams have agreed to trade the #2 overall pick in the 2012 NFL Draft to the Washington Redskins.

The Rams will swap first round picks in April with St Louis moving down from #2 to #6 and receive the Redskins second-round pick (39th overall). St Louis will also receive Washington’s first round picks in 2013 and 2014.

With various media reports stating that the Browns were in the process of working out a similar deal with St Louis, the biggest winner of this blockbuster pre-draft trade blunder by the Redskins—besides the Rams—are the Browns themselves.

While I have been a fan of the thought of Cleveland selecting the former Heisman Trophy winner, I personally applaud Cleveland’s front office—and Dan Snyder—for assisting in making the Browns decision much easier in focusing on more important areas of need instead of risking its future—and multiple draft picks—on a unproven NFL prospect.

With Griffin III officially off the table, Cleveland can now turn it’s attention towards either giving starting quarterback Colt McCoy weapons on offense in the likes of Justin Blackmon, Trent Richardson, Mohamed Sanu, Michael Floyd. Cleveland can also choose to focus on upgrading the defense by looking more clearly at the likes of Melvin Ingram, Courtney Upshaw, Quinton Coples and Morris Claiborne.

Do not also rule out the possibility of Cleveland selecting a quarterback in April, names such as Ryan Tannehill, Brandon Weeden and Case Keenum will surely be on the lips of suffering Browns fans from now until April.

While many in The Dawg Pound may bemoan this as another lost opportunity by Mike Holmgren and Tom Heckert, fans need to put this in simple perspective that due to Snyder shipping off three first round picks and a second-round pick, that Washington—not Cleveland—will be the team that will be set back for years if Griffin III does not magically morph into the second coming of Doug Williams/Randall Cunningham down in the District.

Cleveland fans’—as passionate and rabid as any in the NFL—need to step away from the panic and anger button and consider themselves grateful that their offer for the #2 pick fell through and that they have all of their picks to use in April to help make the team better, as short-term fixes never win in the NFL long-term as Washington has proved—over and over again.

Snyder’s penchant for overpaying for big-name coaches and players was already well-known around NFL circles, but after this blockbuster trade with St Louis, if RG3 does not produce right away and win, then this move will become the NFL’s version of “Seward’s Folly”

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  • Steven Resnick

    I could see the Minnesota Vikings snatching Blackmon up with the third pick. Yet, from what I understand a huge area of concern is protecting Colt McCoy as well.

    So, with the fourth pick of the draft I could see the Browns selecting Matt Kalil out of USC.

  • Showdawg

    Now that the RGIII “race” is over, the Browns should trade down for additional picks. With the early, high picks, finish off our defense because we all know the best friend of a young QB is a shut down defense, and we only need a RDE, LB, and CB. We should then turn our attention to RT and offensive playmakers. This draft is deep at the WR and RB position, so if we draft well, theres no reason we cant supply Colt with the much needed weapons for a productive O. For no reason should we waste any pick this year on a low round PROJECT QBs. Every year there will be Tannehill type QBs in the draft, so that can be addressed the following draft