Indianapolis Colts, Much Like the 2008 Detroit Lions, Have Hills to Climb

By Christopher B. Batchelder

It was in Green Bay and the weather was very cold as the Detroit Lions walked off the field in defeat. This wasn’t just a normal loss, it was a loss; that will stay in the mind of any sports fan forever. The Detroit Lions made history that day, but not history that you want. That day, Green Bay beat the Lions, making the Lions’ record 0-16, a record that may stand forever. No one remembers that season like a Lions fan, and maybe one day, they can get over the losses, but I doubt it. A few years back, the Lions got a rookie general manger in Matt Millen. He was not only dedicated to fixing the organization, but he released all the older players he thought were done with their careers. When he was finished, he was left with a team that had very little experience and it showed on the field.

Jim Irsay has said “it is all about protecting the horseshoe” but is this what he meant by that statement?

Similarly, the fate of the Indianapolis Colts rests in new general manager Ryan Grigson’s hands. Since coming into the fold he has made some changes that Colts fans have not liked, to say the least. The Peyton Manning release was different because of the injury, and may have been more of a Jim Irsay move rather than the general manager. However, the other moves you can pin on Grigson, and his decision making. What is he thinking? Sure, he says they are cap casualties as mentioned here: Release of 5 players due to Cap Casualties, but is that the truth, or is he saying that to ease over his fan base? Either way, his fan base it pretty upset with him.

Here are a few tweets from fans, that are still trying to get their head around the idea of what is going on in Indianapolis. If the releases continue, the fans will start to wonder, if they can trade away Ryan Grigson.


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As teams rebuild their programs they always seem to have the players released when the fans feel like they shouldn’t be. After all, guys like Ryan Grigson get paid to make these decisions. It has been a lot for Colts fans to handle, with Manning and now all these other guys. For Grigson and Irsay’s sake, they better know what they are doing. Football is a business, as you see in the releases, but it is also a business where they have to sell their product. If fans don’t  like what they see they won’t show up to watch. Peyton Manning sold out the Colts’ stadium for years. Without him there they must bring in fans on their own, and releasing guys that everyone is used to is not the best way to do it.

Could the Colts have the same situation that the Lions had in 2008 – a winless season? Could the winless record be in jeopardy this year? As a football fan, I sure hope not. That was brutal to watch, and I hope no other organizations have to deal with that. However, the start of the new Colts looks a lot like the Lions in that tenure of Matt Millen.

The Indianapolis Colts need to do something fast to prove to their fans that they are all about winning, and winning right away. Indianapolis Colts fans are going to have a hard time cheering on their team when there are no Colts left.

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