NFL Carolina Panthers

Carolina Panthers allow free agents to test their value

When free agency starts in two days, the Panthers are going to let their players see what their market value is.

The Panthers quickly signed their core players after the lockout last summer. Charles Johnson, DeAngelo Williams, and Jon Beason all got locked up early. They then signed Ryan Kalil and Charles Codfrey before their first regular season game as well. The Panthers have embraced the philosophy of building through the draft and signing their own players. It has turned out well with Cam Newton as well.

The Panthers are definitely going to let Jeremy Shockey test his value. Most of their starters last year who are free agents now were only starting, because of injuries to other players.

Linebacker Jordan Senn in particular is disappointed the Panthers are letting him test market value. “What I took from it is they want to look around in free agency or maybe the draft,” Senn said. “I was disappointed to hear that. I thought we would get at least an offer before the league year was over. Hopefully I’ll have a couple teams call me.”

Shockey brought an excellent attitude to huddles and to the team, but with Greg Olsen the first tight end on the depth chart, the Panthers don’t want to pay Shockey the 4 milion dollars he made last year.

The Panthers hope to add some more complements to their team more cheaply through free agency. And hopefully they will find the right pieces to make some noise in the NFC this year.