Jacksonville Jaguars Have No Interest In Trading For Tim Tebow

By Joey Farbo

Regardless of what happens with the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, Tim Tebow will not be in a Jacksonville Jaguars uniform anytime soon.

After reports on early Sunday that the Denver Broncos were one of the favorites to sign Manning, the national media rumor machine went full steam ahead with linking Tebow to the Jaguars in a trade that would bring the quarterback to his hometown. However, it appears that those are just rumors.

According to ESPN Florida NFL analyst Charlie Bernstein, the Jaguars have “zero interest” in acquiring Tebow in a trade.

Jaguars general manager Gene Smith has tied his fate to the success of the quarterback he drafted less than a year ago, Blaine Gabbert. Smith needs to focus his attention over the next week on acquiring some help for Gabbert, not on making a trade for another quarterback.

If the Jaguars felt they needed an upgrade at the quarterback position, they would be pursuing Manning instead of trying to acquire Tebow.

While bringing in a well known player like Tebow would provide a temporary boost to ticket sales, new Jaguars owner Shahid Khan knows that Tebow’s appeal would be short lived if he could not win football games for the Jags. Khan understands that individual players do not sell tickets, but putting a winning football team on the field will ultimately generate the most interest in the team.

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