Like St. Louis; Indianapolis Colts Should Trade Their No.1 Pick

By Christopher B. Batchelder

At this time in the off season, each team is getting their draft information together. They usually are working through pro days and conducting their interviews. As we all know, the draft is one pick at a time so the only team that can control the first round is usually the team that has the first pick. In this April’s draft, that round is controlled by the Indianapolis Colts.

Since the beginning of last year’s College football season, everyone has predicted that Andrew Luck from Stanford, would be the first pick. However, after the season and combine ended, Robert Griffin III has put doubt in some scouts minds. There still is no word from Indianapolis that Andrew Luck will go No.1, even though everyone expects it. In fact, there have been reports out of Indianapolis that one of the reasons why they released Peyton Manning was because he would have to split time in practice with Luck. So reports have been back and forth, to say the least.

On Friday, it was reported by Fox Sports and NFL Network contributor – Jay Glazer, that the St.Louis Rams have traded the No.2 pick to the Washington Redskins for draft picks and compensation. This is steep, but to get a franchise quarterback it’s well worth it. So all odds are pointing toward the first two picks being quarterbacks, but the question is who follows the other?

The Indianapolis Colts need to think about their options. If the Redskins were willing to give up that much, it’s possible that another team will give up even more. Luck is a player that only comes once every ten years. If the Colts would be willing to trade that pick, they could receive so many other draft picks to go with him.

Just imagine; if Cleveland traded him for the first overall pick and would swap picks in this years draft, and a few in the next few years. The Colts could rebuild their team, and would be back in contention in just a few short years. They would still get a quarterback for the future in Brandon Weeden from Oklahoma State. He is a fast, accurate, and smart quarterback. The Browns would get Luck, since they just missed out on Robert Griffin III by not trading with the Rams.

A few weeks ago, I would have told you there is no way this is possible. However, with all the changes in Indianapolis you have to expect the unexpected. No one expected 5 veterans to follow Peyton Manning’s departure. So when it comes to drafting with the first pick don’t be surprised if the Colts make a blockbuster deal, and not only send the No.1 pick to a team like Cleveland, but with Dwight Freeney going with him.

So as teams get ready for the draft, finishing up pro days, and April rolls around, expect to see the Colts draft Andrew Luck. At the same time don’t be surprised if you see a blockbuster-deal that will send the No.1 pick to a team that needs it more than the Colts do.

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