Michael Vick's Injury History Is A $100 Million Headache

By Frank Benditt III

When the Eagles signed Michael Vick to a $100 million deal before the 2011 season began, many Eagles fans agreed with the decision.  Vick’s play was heading in the right direction as far as showcasing the progression of his skills.  Michael looked more like a franchise quarterback.

I wrote an article last preseason entitled, “The Debate Rages:  Is Michael Vick Worth $100 Million?”  Here are some excerpts of what I had to say:

“The Birds already had franchised Vick for the 2011 season to the tune of $17 million.  I know it was just a one year deal, but what happened to the “wait and see” approach?  The reality is that Vick did not even start the entire season.  On top of that, the last five games of the 2010 season, Vick looked mediocre.  It had seemed that NFL defenses were keying in on Michael’s tendencies and had schemed accordingly.”

Furthermore, here were my thoughts on the oft-injured Vick:

“Another huge factor to consider is Vick’s durability.  Vick has only played a full 16 games once out of his eight season.  Heck, in 2010, he played in twelve and started eleven.  That was why the Eagles acquired the oft problem, Vince Young.”

Let us fast forward  to the 2011 season.  Vick looked mediocre pretty much all season long.  Michael Vick started just thirteen games, with Vince Young getting the nod in the other three.  Mike Kafka even had playing time as well.  Vick went on to pass for 3,303 yards with 18 touchdowns and 14 interceptions.  Vick also fumbled the football ten times.

So, am I a psychic?  No.  The questions still begs………what happened to the “wait and see” approach?  Michael was already franchised.  Now, the Eagles are attached to Vick for the near future……..To the tune of about $40 million in guaranteed signing bonus.

Who is to blame for the premature decision?  Andy Reid or Eagles president, Joe Banner?  One guarantee is that Eagles owner, Jeffery Lurie, sure wants to know.

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