The National Media Was 'Soft' On The 2011 Eagles

By Frank Benditt III

The Philadelphia Eagles finished the 2011 season 8-8, and you had to love the national media’s mindset about it.   Nationally, many exclaimed, the Eagles just needed time to “gel”.

The fact of the matter is that the Eagles were no different than the Washington Redskins teams of recent past.  The Eagles decided to acquire choice free agents and were not afraid to spend the money.  In the past, why were the Redskins covered differently by the media?  Why did criticism often fall on Washington Redskins owner, Daniel Schneider, as an over spending, hands on, overseer, with no parallel to the 2011 Eagles?

Vince Young gave the Eagles the moniker of the ‘Dream Team’, and the national media, local journalists and Internet writers reveled in it.

Unless you follow/cover the Philadelphia Eagles every day (all 365), often, perception is skewed.  In 2011, the Eagles placed the ultimate expectation on themselves….Winning the Super Bowl.

Not once during the height of the Eagles success  (five NFC Championship games last decade), did the national media call out the Eagles or Andy Reid for failure of the illustrious goal of winning a championship.  More surprisingly, was that they were mum about the Eagles 2011 season.  Why?  Beats me.

The players, especially Michael Vick and Nnamdi Asomugha, got a “hall pass” by the national media.  Why?  Because if you are national journalist, analyst or so-called ‘expert’, you just did not get the dis-functionality of this team.

Everyone was to blame:  players, coaches, front office and ownership.  Eagle’s fans know that at the heart of the problem is the monotony of head coach Andy Reid.  Reid is static.  Andy is stubborn.  Overall, he is obsolete.

It is important that the national guys get a clue, understand the city in which you are writing/speaking about and call a failure, a failure.  There are trends and mistakes.  Then, there is the ultimate big game failure, Andy Reid.


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