Denver: In Elway We Trust

By Derek Kessinger

People are freaking out in Denver. After looking like the front runners in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes, the Broncos suddenly find themselves back with the pack. After an epic two day visit from Manning, the Broncos were given a glimpse, a hand shake and a bill at the Cherry Hills Country Club.

In making a move for Manning, the course of the next few years is at stake. The Broncos are in no other sweepstakes for quarterback and may have ruined all the progress made in the last year since McDaniels exited town. Tim Tebow may decide to pull a Jay Cutler and find his first ticket out of town with or without Manning.

The Broncos would then have to hope they could land Brandon Weeden in the draft, and scour a free agent market whose most attractive pieces include two quarterbacks who were on the Broncos last year, Kyle Orton and Brady Quinn.

A franchise that seemed on the verge of an AFC Championship with Manning looks poised to fall to the bottom of the AFC West. Let’s be honest, even if he stays, every Tebow throw is like a lottery within itself. The fall to the bottom of the AFC West could be coming.

So in this chaos, what hope do the Broncos have? What sense of calm can the Denver fans find in trying to land Manning? For that, let’s turn to the Brett Dennen song, “Comeback Kid”

“Well, here comes a comeback, the kid is back, is back on track. And there goes my hero. He’s an underdog, he’s coming out on top.”

By comeback kid, you may know him better as John Elway. The two time Super Bowl Champion and one of the five Greatest NFL Quarterbacks in the history of the game. The Hall of Famer, whose early teams had so little talent that it took a everything Elway had to get them to Super Bowls. A man made famous by the drive and other similar comebacks.

Elway’s coming from behind is never a bad thing. When it comes to Broncos fans, there is no arguing with Elway. Elway is a salesman, literally. He owned car dealerships during his time with the Broncos, and used his name to expand his wealth. He is still so popular that a bid for the governor’s office in Colorado would be taken seriously. He turned this team from the mess that was McSpygate and the Mile High Mess, into a playoff team that beat the Steelers in just a year.

The Broncos must once again call on the one man they can count on to make a comeback, to seal the deal. All he needs is to get Manning back in the show room, and he’ll be able to sell Manning this Bronco’s ride.

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