Indianapolis Colts Need to Bulk up and Sign LaRon Landry

By Christopher B. Batchelder

When free agency opens up at 4pm Eastern Time it is going to be crazy. Many teams will be contacting players and enticing them to buy into what the teams are selling. The big players will sign right away, which leaves the less talented players available. Some players will surprise you where they go, while others will be expected.

The Indianapolis Colts must make a splash in free agency in 2012, especially after the off-season they had, letting players and coaches go. The Colts have proven that they are willing to make changes and in the next few months, it will be no different. They will go after guys who can help lead these new age Colts into the future.

Coach Pagano has mentioned his team will look a lot like the Pittsburgh Steelers or the Baltimore Ravens. The Colts will be big, physical and not afraid to play dominate defense. That toughness is something that has been lacking in Indianapolis for many years. Expect that to change and be proven when free agency opens. Don’t be surprised if the Colts sign veteran players with great leadership skills and players who are not afraid to be extremely physical.

LaRon Landry would be a perfect fit in Indianapolis. Yes, I know what you are thinking; many people have him going to the New York Jets, who will be a Super Bowl contender after adding a few parts. However, Landry makes perfect sense for the Colts to sign. He is a big, physical guy. Landry likes to play up close to the line, but at the same time he can make plays defending the ball down the field. Coach Pagano will be looking for someone who can play like an “Ed Reed” for the Colts’ defense. Let’s face it; the Colts must have a difference maker on the defensive side of the ball and Landry would be perfect for that. Besides, Landry may need the Colts as bad as they need him; he has only played in 15 games in the last two seasons due to injuries. This signing would be a good way to show everyone that he can still play, and more importantly, stay healthy.

If the Indianapolis Colts could pull this deal off it could very well bring some excitement back to Indianapolis where, in recent weeks, there has been none. The Colts will have to lead by their defense, and a Landry singing would be a good first step in doing that.

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