Reggie Wayne Won't Wait for Peyton Manning to Choose a Team

By Christopher B. Batchelder

The Indianapolis Colts are running out of time to sign anyone before they become free agents. Sometimes teams will pass on re-signing players in an effort to get them back once they see they can’t get a better deal from other teams. This, however, is not the case with Reggie Wayne.

Reggie Wayne will not be an Indianapolis Colt going into the 2012 season; it is a sad ordeal that the 11-year veteran will be playing somewhere else, but that is how it is. For weeks, even before the Peyton Manning saga ended, Wayne was planning on playing somewhere else.

Recently, the rumor has been that Wayne will be playing with Manning in 2012. It makes sense because these two are familiar with each other. The wide receiver and quarterback tandem have great chemistry that takes years to achieve. If Manning and Wayne went to the same team, they could just continue where they left off in Indianapolis. The teams who have shown interest in the four-time MVP have said they would be willing to take on Reggie Wayne so these two players can stay together. Wayne is not against the idea of playing with Manning again, but he is committed to doing what is in his best interest.

With just a few hours left until free agency starts, Wayne’s agent’s phone is about to start ringing like crazy. Wayne has said that he has no problem signing with a team without Manning there. He also may be the most sought-after wide receiver who is available, second to Vincent Jackson.

At the age of 33, Wayne doesn’t just bring his play-making ability to any team that may sign him, but a leadership value as well. Even after 11 years he still can get deep and make plays; he hasn’t slowed down a bit.

Whoever wins the Manning sweepstakes will acquire a great quarterback, but for now the focus is on Reggie Wayne and where he may land. Don’t be surprised to see a team sign Wayne to a new deal possibly to lure Manning in.

In Indianapolis, the front office has a big job to do in not only just finding a replacement at the quarterback position, but now in the wide receiver spot as well.

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