Kansas City Chiefs Screw Up With Signing Of RB Peyton Hillis

The Kansas City Chiefs have agreed to terms with former Cleveland Browns running back Peyton Hillis. This signing is a major mistake on the part of general manager of Scott Pioli, and the most that can be hoped for is just minimal damage with no adverse side effects.

Running back is not an area of prime need for Kansas City. Jamaal Charles is supposed to be back and healthy, and if you’re concerned about his durability (which is naturally a fair enough concern after someone has missed the entire year), then you draft a young back that you can use as a change-of-pace if Charles is healthy or develop if he’s not.

What you don’t do is use precious salary cap space that should be reserved for addressing needs on the offensive line and at backup quarterback so you can pull a player who had one good year (2010) off the slag heap and hope he can magically repeat that performance. Hillis took a heavy pounding in Cleveland, he lacks the shiftiness necessary to have long-term success as a featured back and would be better suited for short yardage situations.

Perhaps Kansas City has such a limited role in mind for Hillis. But it still begs the question of why money is being spent here, when holes at tackle and center could derail a playoff season. It makes one wonder why they haven’t signed a veteran backup to Matt Cassell yet—if a front office thinks it needs insurance for Charles, how much higher is that need for Cassell?

Since terms haven’t been disclosed, it’s possible that Kansas City got away with a low-cost signing for a player who will be a bust and off the team within two years. That’s the best-case scenario. The worst-case is that the Chiefs wasted time and money pursing a mediocre talent in an area of non-need, rather than locking down quality players in spots they could really use the help.

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  • Will

    Flaherty you are a moron. Signing Hillis was not a mistake, as it gives us a one, two punch in the backfield. Just like a couple years ago when Thomas Jones and Jamaal Charles provided the power and speed combo that got us into the playoffs.

    Peyton Hillis did come off a bad season last year with the Browns but that doesn’t condemn him from performnig poorly for the rest of his career. He hs always been a powerful running back since he’s been in the league. He will most definately be the short downage back, since Thomas Jones and Jackie Battle are now free agents and haven’t been resigned.

    Honestly Peyton Hillis in my humble opinion is a great addition and quite the upgrade to the position as he will help bring an attitude to the offense when he powers through the holes, provided our offensive line gets upgraded with some new talent. Worrying about salary cap room is retarded, as KC was sitting at $40M under the salary cap before free agency started. We have room to work with, therefore we still have plenty of money to spend to upgrade our offensive line through free agency and the NFL draft, in which I would assume Pioli/Hunt are going to draft several young talented offensive lineman to last a few years in the future, along with 1 or 2 other key positions.

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