New York Giants Sign Martellus Bennett to 1-Year Contract

By Jeff Shull

The New York Giants have found a replacement tight end in free agency. Martellus Bennett flew in to New York last night and signed a one year deal this afternoon.

The former Dallas Cowboy had made it pretty clear he wanted to leave Dallas and pursue a starting position. When the Giants lost both Jake Ballard and Travis Beckum to torn ACLs in the Super Bowl, that opportunity presented itself in New York.

The fans will no doubt be on the fence about this signing, as am I. On the one hand, Bennett is an athletic freak (having thrown a couple alley-oops to him at the Texas A&M rec center, I can attest to his ridiculous athletic ability) and can actually block like a tight end is supposed to.

He was selected in the second round in 2008, but has done little to impress despite having a lot of upside coming out of college.

Bennett played two years of basketball under Billy Gillispe and if motivated he can be a dominant player.

The problem is, he lacked that motivation in Dallas. Many in Dallas considered him to be lazy and did not always put forth full effort.

That kind of attitude will not be tolerated on the Super Bowl chance, hence the one-year deal to prove himself.

If Bennett does not shape up, the Giants are happy to return the starting job to Ballard in 2013.

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