Peyton Manning Met with Tennessee Titans Organization Earlier Today

By Stephanie Umek

Earlier today the Tennessee Titans met with quarterback Peyton Manning. Though the exact location and the details of the conversation are yet to be known, NFL’ Network’s Michael Lombardi was able to get a bit of information on the details of what the Titans may offer for Manning’s services.

According to Lombardi, the Titans are hoping to pitch an organizational role at Manning if he decides to sign with the Titans. This of course makes him valuable to the team even after he is done as a player.

This makes perfect sense, and though I am not on the band wagon to get Manning to Tennessee, he would be more opted to take an organizational role after playing. He is that kind of leader and will be able to help young guys all around the team. And to offer him such a role in Tennessee, where his college roots are, verses a place like Denver where super star John Elway calls all the shots.

Owner Bud Adams was interviewed on Tuesday and released a statement, “I think he’s…wanting to sign up with somebody pretty quickly.”

Manning is currently taking his time, weighting out all of his options, making sure the team he picks is the best suite for him.

Adams, however, is not the only one in the conversation and he did not attend the meeting with Manning. According to reports, head coach Mike Munchak and General Manager Ruston Webster are not fully on board. The two of them along with Mike Reinfeldt, the Titans chief operating officer, met with Manning in Nashville.

Senior quarterback, Matt Hasselbeck has two years left on his contract and the Titans just drafted rookie quarterback Jake Locker, who has proven he is able to play in the NFL, last year.

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