Reloading in Session: Indianapolis Colts Add Cory Redding, Winston Justice

By Christopher B. Batchelder

The Indianapolis Colts are determined to get back to their winning ways, and fast. The Colts have agreed to terms with defensive lineman Cory Redding. It is not a surprise that he agreed to a deal, considering the head coach of the Indianapolis Colts is the a former Baltimore Ravens defense coordinator.

Coach Pagano has stressed defense and change and the change has definitely happened with the revamp of the offense. In years past, the Colts have leaned on their offense with star players like Peyton Manning. Now, however, the Colts will be led by their defense. They plan on having a running game and play smash-mouth football keeping the games close and making teams fear their defense, much like teams fear the Ravens.

Last night the Colts made an excellent decision in keeping Reggie Wayne and now general manager Ryan Grigson is making another wise decision by signing Redding. It is clear they are ready to move on from last year’s 2-14 season.

Colts fans can get excited again; they have brought new faces and they are talking with other potential players.

It has been reported that the Colts have agreed to trade their 6th round draft pick for the Eagles 6th round draft pick and OT Winston Justice. This addition will definitely add depth to an offense line that needs help.

The Indianapolis Colts need to analyze their tight end position. They were looking at Jon Carlson, but he just agreed to a deal with Minnesota. They must have a solid tight end for rookie quarterback Andrew Luck. Tight ends are like blankets for babies; whenever they need a little protection, they turn to their tight ends. I firmly believe that tight ends are overlooked when it comes to young quarterbacks. Not every quarterback is going to be able to throw deep every time. They need a reliable guy to whom they can turn.

These moves are great and expect more to follow. I know Colts fans would love to see a running back come to Indianapolis; Michael Bush from Oakland would be a great fit.

They are definitely in re-load mode, and it shows. Be ready for more players to come to Indianapolis.

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