Tampa Bay Buccaneers Free Agency: Day 1 recap and Day 2 rumors

By Adrian Mojica

The first day of free agency ended with the biggest signing the Buccaneers have made since Kellen Winslow Jr. came over from the Cleveland Browns. Vincent Jackson signed a reported $55,555,555 dollar contract on Tuesday, cementing himself as the Bucs top wide receiver. In a statement which says more about Jackson’s character than any rumored issues, the reason for the odd agreement of nothing but the number “5” in his pay was a direct nod to Josh Freeman. While most free agents are worried about squeezing the most they can out of their suitors, Jackson not only came at a reasonable price but  also made sure to show some respect to his new quarterback.

Carl Nicks was rumored to have scheduled a visit with the Buccaneers for later in the week but actually landed in Tampa late last night and talking with the team. As of 4:30am EST, not much news has been released, but the Bucs hopefully made an offer which will make him a Buccaneer by the end of today. If the Nicks deal is sealed, that would give Tampa two of the most valuable free agents on the market while filling big needs on the offense.

Some other names associated with the Buccaneers which could gain traction in day two are as follows:

Curtis Lofton (MLB, Falcons): Multiple sources including Sports Illustrated, Fox Sports and local radio host “The Commish” all had reported Lofton was a done deal and in the bag. As the day wore on, the bag broke and the “sources” cited turned out to not be as air tight as expected. However, Gerald McCoy had this to say..

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Reports were also added by multiple media sources stating though the deal wasn’t yet sealed, it doesn’t mean it won’t be. The Buccaneers still seem to be the leaders for his services and it is very likely the team wanted to see where their top two priorities in Jackson and Nicks would wind up costing them. Lofton is reportedly seeking $9 million dollars a season which is another possible obstacle that has delayed things.

Mike Tolbert (RB, Chargers): Tolbert was being talked about leading up to the kickoff of free agency, but so far everything has been just talk. Tolbert is expected to meet with the Kansas City Chiefs tomorrow and there is belief he is serious about their initial offers. However, the Bucs now have Vincent Jackson to help sway him and Tolbert may want to hear other teams offers before taking the first deal. The only concern here is if the Bucs can afford him should they sign Nicks and are serious about Lofton.

Eric Wright (CB, Lions): Wright was only mentioned as a possible candidate to meet with the Bucs, but not much was confirmed. However, he does fit a big need for the team and should be a viable option given there hasn’t been a big run on corners outside of Cortland Finnegan.

John Carlson (TE, Seahawks): The Carlson rumor had me scratching my head until I saw this tweet by Brad Biggs, Chicago Tribune columnist.

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It seems very possible the Buccaneers are ready to part ways with Winslow, who has no more guaranteed money left and would help the team free up money for other needs.

David Carr (QB, Giants): The former #1 draft pick has become a career backup after rough seasons with the Texans in his first four years. Since then he’s been with three other teams and is a solid reserve but not much more. With the possible departure of Josh Johnson, signing Carr would be a much needed move and one which could provide great potential. If the Bucs do secure Carl Nicks, they will instantly have one of the better offensive lines in the league and who knows what’s possible if Carr has enough protection. Hopefully he will never be needed, but as a backup the Bucs could do worse.

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