Tampa Bay Buccaneers Press Conference: Introducing Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks and Eric Wright

By Adrian Mojica

The Tampa Bay Buccaneers held a press conference to introduce the new trio of Vincent Jackson, Carl Nicks and Eric Wright today. Here are some notes from the conference and what they said.

Mark Dominik: “Each one of these men….were highly desired by their own football teams.” “We’re in a position to help those guys (young Buccaneers) grow with some veterans.”

What qualities these guys have off the field: “At the end of the day it’s the tape that matters to us along with what they bring off the field”

What you sold to these guys: “Josh Freeman…all these guys understand the need of a great quarterback.”

What’s left to do, is there money left: “It’s about these three gentlemen today….our eyes towards the NFL draft now.”

Coach Schiano: “I can’t wait to coach these guys, I’m thrilled and thrilled to be part of this organization.”

What can these guys bring: “I think they’re a perfect fit…we’re gonna punish people and run the ball.” “When I look at these three guys, it’s a perfect fit for what we want to do.”

His role in recruiting the players: “It’s such a limited time span…Carl and I had a great dinner….it was great.” “How important family is to these three guys.” “I feel like they want to relate to each other and grow together.”

Is leadership quality a big factor with these guys: “I think it is…everybody is getting a fresh start and we’ll develop our leadership” “We’ll have a great chemistry and a great culture.”

Vincent Jackson: “Everything I’ve heard today is this place is about family.” “We’re looking to make this team a contender.”

“Josh is hungry, he’s hungry to get better” “He’s gonna be one of the top quarterbacks of this league”

Why Tampa? V. Jax: “We believe in what they have here”

Is this a building block stage? “It’s a fresh slate, we’re starting on the same level as all the other players in this league”

On his role with the team: “With the parts you have here….I know they have the tools here to win” “This is gonna be a dynamic offense, we’re gonna pound the ball…and every now and then go over the top”

Do you feel you have to be the savior: “those things take care of themselves…I don’t feel any added pressure”

Eric Wright: “It all happens fast” “It’s a team you want to play for, an organization you want to be a part of because they want to win.”

What did coach Schiano and Dominik expect from you: “They just want me to do whatever I can” “I have versatility…I have the ability to play any spot they needed me to.” “This is a situation where everyone wants to talk about a building phase….I think this is a great young team here.” “What’s more so being talked about is working hard.” “These young guys are hungry and very talented.”

Do you feel comfortable in this defensive style: “I feel comfortable in any defense” “I’m worried about lining up against Vincent Jackson and making sure he doesn’t catch the ball”

“I’m that player that’s like a sponge….I want to continue to get better.”

Was last year his best season? “Last year was a good season for me…I think 09′ was a better year for me” “I’m just looking to build off (last year)”

Carl Nicks: “(Coach Schiano) Really got me fired up about his plan” On how much he knew about the Bucs overall plans: “right when I got off the plane I saw they had signed Jackson and was like…okay, they’re doing something here.”

How close was he to staying in New Orleans: “I only had a day to think about it….the opportunity screamed for me to come (To Tampa)”

What was appealing about Tampa: “The run game…were pound the ball, pound the ball, over the top.” “I kinda had my label in New Orleans now I get to start fresh.”

On working with Davin Joseph: “He gets after it…me and him together will be just as good if not better than me and Jhari were.”

What does the Glazer spending say to you: “It’s super humbling…we’re not the big three like the Miami Heat, but we’re doing big things here.” “You gotta work twice as hard to let everyone know why you got it.”


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